About Our Effort

About Our Effort

Our goal is to put a stop to the B.C. government’s new rules for building public infrastructure.

These rules violate workers’ basic rights.

Forcing 85 percent of province’s construction workforce (who choose not to belong to Building Trades Unions) to join and pay dues to the BTUs in order to work on public projects, is forced unionization. That’s just wrong.

These rules waste public tax dollars.

Stifling freedom of association and a free market system encourages a one-size-fits-all approach that raises taxpayer costs on public projects by billions of dollars.

The Horgan government’s new infrastructure rules were designed to benefit its union supporters, at everyone else’s expense. That isn’t right.

B.C. taxpayers deserve good value. Workers deserve to be treated fairly. Access to public projects should not be based on union affiliation.

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About Us:

We are the Progressive Contractors Association of Canada, a national association of construction companies that employ over 25,000 workers represented by progressive unions like CLAC and CWU.

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